Zephyr Locks
with Cirrus Technology™

Unlock Possibility

Introducing Cirrus Technology™, a state-of-the-art wireless, cloud-based locker security solution. With Cirrus TechnologyTM, lock administrators have the freedom to manage user access remotely—and users have the freedom to access locks quickly and conveniently directly from their personal device.

With Cirrus Technology, each lock can be managed wirelessly through an advanced cloud management portal. Lock administrators have the ability to grant access to users remotely—no matter where they are. Users can unlock designated locks using the Zephyr Smart Lock App, a personal RFID card, or NFC-enabled smartphones.

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Why Cirrus Technology™

  • Add, Edit & Remove Wireless Keyholders Remotely
  • Permit Lock Access by Pin Code, RFID Card, Zephyr Smart Lock App, or NFC-Enabled Smartphone
  • Grant & Deny User Access Quickly & Easily via Cloud-Based Portal
  • Schedule & Control User Access with Built-In Expiration Timeframe
  • Control Accessibility with Easy Remote Lock Reset
  • Switch Between Single-Use, Multi-Use, or Time-Based User Access

How Cirrus Technology™ is Revolutionizing Security

Zephyr Locks with Cirrus Technology™ are designed to unlock possibility.

Here are just a few applications of this state-of-the-art technology.

Access to secure storage
“We’re expecting an important package at our manufacturing facility. We’re going to grant the delivery company access to a secure storage location from 8–8:30pm.”
24 hour access to lockers
“I’m opening a luxury 24-hour fitness center. I want members to be able to gain entry to their lockers directly from their smartphone.”
Cirrus Technology saves time and money
“I manage security of on-site storage units at multiple locations. It’s difficult to find on-site support to grant access to new users and remove permissions from old ones.”

Experience Cirrus Technology™

Speak with a team member to see how Zephyr Locks with Cirrus Technology™ can revolutionize your security infrastructure.